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One of the world's top producers of metal band saw blades is Rontgen Metalworking Pvt. Ltd. We provide both standard and custom solutions for the metal cutting sector based on our extensive experience manufacturing metal saw blades. Rontgen Metalworking Pvt. Ltd. offers premium saw blades for your cutting application in a wide range of bimetal and carbide-tipped band saw blades for cutting standard materials up to super alloys.


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Rontgen Metalworking Solutions Pvt. Ltd. sets benchmarks for speed and cost-per-cut thanks to its more than 20 years of experience in the production of metal-cutting band saw blades and the renowned Rontgen quality. The shortest lead times are achieved through Rontgen's excellent efficiency, thorough service, and well-stocked stock of standard items.

Since Mr. Devesh Shah founded the company in 2006 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the center of the Indian tool industry, ongoing innovations and improvements have been the basis of our extensive research and development. The great performance and long blade life of RONTGEN bandsaw blades are ensured by continuously optimizing the teeth geometries, sets, and shapes, as well as by carefully designing production lines with high automation.

This offers our customers the finest performance and the lowest cost per cut — globally.

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